Benoit Thiel

Acrylic on paper and canvas


Benoit Thiel, self painter, born in Marseille, lives and works in the Tarn.

He has exhibited his paintings in various galleries since 2008 with the help of the workshop Daniel Saint Marc who encourages him in his work.

With a background of industrial draftsman, he worked for fifteen years in industry.

He works on canvas or on paper, small or large size with industrial or classic acrylics always with a base of black, white and grey then 3 or 4 other colors.

He works by themes on 5 or 6 paintings at the same time.

He uses tools of industry or scrapers, spatulas, forks, sponges, spoons.

It expresses his feelings, his emotions, his experience.

He doesn't impose anything but allows the visitor to imagine. He works In Nadine GRANIER gallery in Albi, in DIAGONALE gallery in St Emilion, in BAM gallery in Toulouse and now in Sophie JULIEN gallery in Béziers.




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