"After several years working on paste painting I oriented my work to fluidity and transparencies.

From 2006, I decided to amplify the transparencies and to play more with the reflections and the lights. My preferred medium has therefore become synthetic glass. In the made of oil paints, I substituted epoxy resin cast on the support in which I introduce inks and pigments. The proven resin (paints installed outside: Andernos, Arcachon, Sarlat, Villandraut) I use the same technique on canvas and wood.

The "Resurgence" collection was born. My sources of inspiration are raised by Nature in the widest sense: cosmic, telluric, microscopic, aquatic, human. It's life that interests me.

I propose a work in shades of diaphanous films, wishing to touch one who looks at them.I would like to offer all the poetry games shapes, colors and lights, hoping to arouse your imagination in a journey through the meanders of the painting."


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