Romain Thiery


Exploring The Unusual

 Born in 1988, I came very early to specialize in urban photography. Originating in Périgord, this region rich in its history abounds with wonders today left to the abandonment.  It all began there, following in the footsteps of my mother, who, a few years before me, had already begun to catalog this forgotten heritage.

The abandonment, the forgetfulness, the exploration of the unusual became my fascination. I plunge into these spaces that everyone thinks empty, I stroll there for hours that I class out of time. This is the purpose of my art, to conquer these touches of life that people think dead and capture these incredible places with my camera. The abandoned places I seek correspond to criteria that will serve my artistic approach, I want to make this peaceful atmosphere intact, that the atmosphere, the textures, the light that permeate these places jump to the eyes of the curious with regard to my art: That is my most cherished desire.

Today based on Montpellier, my photographic work extends to all of Europe. My photographs are now displayed in France and abroad and have also been published in many magazines.


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