Visit the Anywhere Creation gallery

Still some small finishes ... And soon everything will be ready to welcome you.

I am a painter, my companion is director of an international events company.

We are at the origin of the project and its creation. Installed for a year in the small town of Piégut-Pluviers within the regional park Périgord Limousin, Art lovers have acquired a small building located in the heart of the village with the aim of making it a place Sharing of exchanges and discoveries of talents.


The appointment of the visual arts: painters, photographers, watercolorists, sculptors, artisans of art will be proposed to you.

There is no equivalent for the moment within a radius of 60 km. Anywhere Creation is dedicated to any form of Art on personal, authentic and sensitive terms.


The space is currently under development. The paintings are finished, the pedestals for the sculptors ordered. We are installing rails and LED spot rails. Space will open on 24 May.


We are looking forward to presenting you this first exhibition and this first choice of artists that we invite you with great pleasure to discover within Anywhere Creation and its 5 showrooms.


The video of the inauguration